Don’t Think You’re At Risk?

Waiting for a lawsuit is a bad way to find out.

Accessibility to your website for disabled people is not just good UX (User Experience), it’s a legal requirement. Most companies don’t realize their website is non-compliant until it’s too late. We’ll check your website against current international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (2.0) and industry best practices to assess your shortcomings and identify what you need to do to get compliant.

Watch this 2019 WFLA Channel 8 News report about lawsuits over ADA non-compliant sites.

How It Works


First, our team of experts will test your website for universal accessibility and identify errors that don’t currently meet legal guidelines.


Next, we’ll develop a solution matrix aimed at immediately addressing the accessibility issues with your website down to the browser level.


Lastly, we’ll implement the resolution plan developed from our findings in the error report and re-test to ensure compliance.

FREE Compliance Review

We’ll test your website against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 to assess your compliance, identify any issues, and resolve them.

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ADA Compliant Custom Design

Sometimes building an entirely new website is more cost effective than fixing an existing one.