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Mobile Devices

Google My Business Confirms New Messaging Feature Roll Out


              A spokesperson from Google has jut confirmed the full roll out of a new messaging feature to Google My Business customers. You may recall, that we discussed this feature Google began testing in November of last year. Google has just confirmed this is now fully rolling out to businesses in the United States. When you visit the Google My Business dashboard, you will see this new section for “Messaging” on the left and an option in the middle promoting it saying, “Message with customers.” (see image below for reference) After you click on it the for [...]

Google My Business Confirms New Messaging Feature Roll Out2017-07-13T12:26:19-07:00

Chrome Update Stops Annoying Page Jumps


                      Have you ever had a friend share a link to an article you really wanted to read (like those juicy recaps of The Walking Dead) and when you got to the page and started reading the page suddenly shifted up back near the top of the page as if everything shifted beneath you? These annoying "hiccups" occur when a website is progressively loading additional content above the visible area, which pushes down what’s on the screen. The content could be anything from a video to a high resolution image -- but [...]

Chrome Update Stops Annoying Page Jumps2017-04-12T12:04:32-07:00


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