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Guest Speaker

Anton Siler
Anton SilerCEO of Digital Admen, Inc.
A rising star in the digital marketing industry, Mr. Siler attended SDSU and was personally trained by one of the world’s leading online marketers, Neil Patel. Expanding upon Neil’s tutelage and disrupting industry norms, he founded Digital Admen, a boutique full service digital marketing agency based in San Diego offering a spectrum of services aimed at offering real solutions to problems that businesses, large and small, face every day. With over ten years of real world experience he is currently investing much of his time working with international startups and writing a pioneering book about Yelp.

The Focus

This week’s class will be our very first Ask-Me-Anything style Q&A session via questions sourced from Quora. Our resident digital marketing expert, Anton Siler, will be giving the responses.

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The Format

The format of this course will consist of an approximately 30 minute lecture followed by a Q&A session lasting about 20 minutes. Although we model the new EFC format after collegiate courses, we respectfully ask all in attendance to refrain from asking questions during the lecture portion so as to give the speaker(s) ample time to get through the material.

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Keep the Conversation Going

Refreshments will be available for purchase downstairs at the Skyline Café before and after class. We ask that you exercise good stewardship and help us keep the facility in good order by cleaning up after yourself. Once class is officially over for the day, we encourage ongoing information exchange and networking while maintaining appropriate social distancing. If you have any questions that did not get answered in class, please email them to us and we’ll either incorporate the responses into a future session or email you back directly.

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