A logo by itself does not make a brand, but the right logo can communicate in one image what would otherwise take a thousand words. A great logo evokes emotion and determines how the world views your business. The Nike Swoosh, the Golden Arches from McDonald’s, and even the Five Rings of the Olympics are all readily recognizable images that do more than just identify a company. Your logo can be the element that centralizes your brand and the determining factor in your overall business success.


Designing a logo for your business begins with the discovery phase where our team will get answers to questions that will help us determine the right direction to go in with your design. For example, you may want your logo to be just an image or perhaps you want it to be a marriage of text and an image. Also, if you have any examples of logos that inspire you, then we’ll acquire those from you so we can give your logo the look and feel that you desire.

Word Cloud

Once we’ve identified what direction to take your logo in we’ll brainstorm on a set of adjectives that best describe your business. Our designers put all the adjectives that have been identified into a word cloud, and physically draw connections from word to word so that they can begin to visualize concepts that will manifest themselves as your perfect logo.


Once meaningful adjectives have been identified that describe your business our designers will research the meaning of the words and use them to begin sketching illustrations by hand that are symbolic of what you want the design to represent. These sketches will serve as the creative inspiration behind the final logo designs that are created for you to select from.

Internal Review

When the designs are completed our entire staff will be used as an extra set of eyes to make sure the logos produced meet the high standards of our talented team while narrowing down the designs to only the ones that are best tailored to the culture of your brand.

Phase 1 Client Presentation

Our team will put together a presentation for you showcasing the top 3 to 5 logo designs we’ve created in black and white so that you can make sure everything is perfect stylistically. If a color scheme was provided for us to follow in advance, then that mixture of hues will already be applied.

Phase 2 Client Presentation

Once you have reviewed the logos we presented and given us feedback, we’ll use your input to either make modifications to the current set of logos or go back to the drawing board and present you with a second round of designs that will be based upon the feedback you gave us at the first presentation.

Phase 3 Client Presentation

Once we’ve applied your feedback from the previous presentations, we’ll deliver the modified logo designs according to your specifications. After you select your preferred design we’ll move forward with the process. If you still haven’t seen anything that you liked, then the process will repeat until you’re satisfied.


After you’ve selected your favorite logo, we’ll carefully revisit the underlying messages your brand wants to communicate so that we can identify colors that are aligned with those emotions. We collectively test out different color options to apply to your logo unless a color scheme has been provided in advance for us to use. The logo will be stylized with the chosen colors and presented with a set of options for you to make your final selection from.

Give Your Brand An Identity

Determine How The World Views Your Business.