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The Forced Awakening: Google Forces Upgrade Of All Legacy Mobile Apps


People around the world have hundreds of reasons why they don't update their mobile applications when new versions are released. Sometimes the most recent update alters the software so much that they no longer enjoy using the application. Sometimes the device they are using can't support the upgrade. There are even large swaths of the population that miss major mobile software updates simply because they don't know these updates are available. No matter what your reason might be for doing so, if you're still running a legacy Google Suite application on your mobile device, the company has announced today that as of April [...]

The Forced Awakening: Google Forces Upgrade Of All Legacy Mobile Apps2017-01-20T15:21:36-08:00

2016 Search Trends Across America


Google searches were quite interesting for Americans in 2016, according to a map compiled by national real estate company Estately using data from Google Trends. The map measured Google searches for everything from famous people who died (R.I.P. Princess Leia) to the stupid memes that helped us kill so much time last year. According to Estately's Ryan Nickum, "[The map] measures how often a particular search term is entered relative to the total search volume across each state. For example, California and New York, because of their populations, sure have a significantly higher number of total searches for 'David Bowie' than Vermont does, [...]

2016 Search Trends Across America2020-04-21T18:41:41-07:00

Google My Business Is Testing A New Messaging Feature


Google My Business has posted about a new pilot program in their help documents that allows some businesses to chat with their customers directly via the local knowledge graph panel. Google said that “Google My Business allows you to chat directly with customers who find your business listing on Google Search.” The new “message” button has been added to your local listing on Google if you are in this test group. The message button will initiate a chat between your business through the businesses’ SMS number or via Google Allo and the searcher. Some businesses received emails “inviting you to participate in the pilot.” If you have not [...]

Google My Business Is Testing A New Messaging Feature2017-07-13T11:53:24-07:00


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