We’re Yelp Experts

In digital marketing (as in all areas of marketing) the message being communicated is designed to drive sales or leads in an effort to directly increase revenue in some way. The message being communicated in Online Reputation Management (and Public Relations as a whole) isn’t targeted at being directly promotional. In fact, ORM messages can vary from showing that a company cares about a specific issue or incident to showcasing core company values or brand identity.

With that being said, Yelp creates an interesting conundrum for small and large businesses alike. It isn’t just a daily deals platform and online directory, it’s also the world’s largest review platform, which forces you to deal with it in a unique way. Most ORM services try to game the system by spamming businesses with unsolicited messages claiming they can get good reviews to stick and bad reviews to filter or be removed. One thing that companies, like Revleap, actually do is bombard their clients’ customers with online or mobile surveys. Customers that respond favorably (usually defined as a 4 star or 5 star rating), and agree to post the review, are entered into a drawing for gift cards in an effort to artificially boost their clients’ reputations.

Our Approach

Revleap’s business model is the sort of thing that can put businesses at risk with respect to Yelp’s Consumer Alert program and federal and state regulators who often crack down on businesses that try to artificially inflate their online reputations. Our Yelp Help service is specifically designed to work with Yelp’s guidelines for business owners as well as state and federal regulations. Our process begins with an extensive audit that will identify the scope of the problem and outline specific ways to address it. We’re even able to create a timeline to success that can range from weeks to months depending on the size of the issue.

Effective ORM is not a spectator sport and does require your participation in implementing strategic recommendations and engaging your customers in a manner that gets the results you’re looking for. Our clients have witnessed the success of our efforts firsthand, which has seen 1 star rated businesses rise to 4 stars in just a few months. We do not engage in deceptive tactics or manipulative techniques, so don’t bother asking us to employ such things. On the contrary, we are the only company in the world that offers our clients a genuine path to success when it comes to dealing with Yelp.

Success Comes From Standing Out, Not Fitting In.

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