Digital Admen founder, Anton Siler, was interviewed as a part of a focus group NPR was hosting while taking a deep dive into millennials, as part of a new series called the New Boom. This group, some 80 million strong or so, spends over $1 trillion a year by some estimates, which begs the question: How should brands and advertisers go about reaching millennials if they’re so powerful?

This is the trillion dollar question everyone is scrambling to figure out the answer to. Why? Mainly because advertisers want to be one of the brands on the receiving end of that $1 trillion, which can be tricky given the fact that millennials are so different from the generations that came before them. The focus group that NPR hosted varied in age, gender, race and occupation and offered an interesting spectrum of input. The button on this page links to the entire NPR broadcast, which not only showcases highlights from the focus group, but it has some additional insights from Dr. Americus Reed, a marketing professor at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business as well.

NPR: Morning Edition